Sunday, December 19, 2004

What a night! It started with a fantasy that almost came true.

My plan was to stay at home and work on writing. My novel is almost complete but has suffered neglect with my clouded thoughts the past week. Booting up my computer I realized that my pack of cigarettes was almost empty. I only smoke when I write. Yes, a bad habit indeed. Still, the words remain dormate until I light up. Off to the store.

Needing a few other things, besides the cancer sticks, I decided to drive to the local supercenter.

Strolling down the main aisle on my way to purchase a Pantera CD (Yes, I prefer the hard stuff) a display of sultry lingerie caught my eye. Although I would much rather purchase my unmentionables from a specialty shop, this outfit was cute. It was a black transparent bra and panty set with a black silk robe. While checking for the right size I noticed a pretty woman and handsome man close to me. Our eyes met and soon we struck up a conversation.

We made mention of us girls trying on the lingerie in the dressing room while the man watched. Grabbing the pieces we walked to the fitting room…

I must apologize. My head is starting to ache. I’ll finish the story at a later time. Rest. Yes, rest is needed. Weird. I close my eyes and envision a dark figure of a man.


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