Thursday, December 02, 2004


I said I would continue my op/ed piece on the conclusion of Trading Spouses. I see no need. The California woman made herself look like a nut and hypocrite. I am sorry the fine people of Louisiana had to deal with her.

The novel still resides on the back of the stove. Gasoline and matches would do it some good.
I did manage to complete a couple of short stories and one is in the works. I probably won't post the first two just yet, but the other one will probably find its way to this blog. With copyrights, first publication rights and general thieves I am hesitant on posting my stories, at least some of them.

Hmph. Is my life so boring right now, at this very moment that I can't come up with something of substance that I can post? Ah, I remember now. Phew...

My next to post "should" deal with my opinions on public radio and music in general. Afterwards I plan on posting the short story that I'm currently working on. I'll give you a little hint. Cinderella’s been a naughty little girl. :)

Until then...


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