Friday, December 03, 2004

Radio Madness

During my long commute the radio is my highway friend. Lately that friend has stabbed me in the back and watched me bleed. The friend doesn’t care what I like or want. I feel like throwing that friend out on the road and let it rot with the rest of the road kill.

Public radio is bad. If sitting through countless minutes waiting for commercials wasn’t enough to make you pull out your nose hairs, then the lame, repetitive song lists can make your ears bleed. I’d rather be deaf than force fed this crap they call FM radio.

Each station needs to fire every consultant and focus group. They apparently do not know what is good radio. How do they know what I like anyways?

I could always change the station. On each turn of the dial (old school term) I just get the same crap but in a different form. Which will it be today? Hard crap or liquid crap? None for me thanks.

It used to be that the CD player was a better alternative. I could load about 25 CDs and set to shuffle the music in random order. The collection grows stale. I still have the repetitive problem.

Buy some newer cds? There are very few artists who I would actually give my hard earned 18 bucks (charging that kind of cash is a crime itself). What are these labels thinking? Everybody sounds the same. Originality and creativeness are pushed in the trunk. I remember the time you could hear 5 seconds of a song and know, without a doubt, who was playing. Very few artists (another loose term) have the desire, style or emotion. And don’t comment to me about your favorite band, saying they are the greatest thing since the invention of the blow up doll. I’ll deflate it quick.

There are mp3 players now. Thanks to the money grubbing scums at the RIAA we can no longer download music that fits our taste, at least for free. We can, but the fear of the summons looms in the background. If they could produce a CD with 10 to 11 great songs instead of 1, I would be more than happy to shell out the cash. Yes there is the option to pay and download one song at a time. This might be a good solution. The format is portable and can be tailored to suit each individual. Still, there is the problem of what is commercially available.

I’m not just another old geezer that is repeating the words of our parent’s expressive dislike of new music. I am a musician by heart and a music lover by choice. The decade makes no difference to me as long as the music is tight and enjoyable. Each decade has its gems and its crap. Just seems to be a lot more brown dookie these days.

I say to these labels and radio stations to seek out some fresh TALENT and stop worrying about mass-market appeal. Enough with the dilution. Which would you rather have? A big red tomato that is pretty to look at but lacks flavor or a slightly smaller one that’s not much to look at but the flavor explodes in your mouth.


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