Monday, December 13, 2004

Monday Blues

My mood is foul. Life is not as simple as once thought. I’m a little league player facing a curve ball thrown with the velocity of every great major league pitcher, and my bat is too short. If I can judge the speed just right I can knock the ball through the gap and beyond left field. Astronomical odds indeed. Two strikes down and here’s the wind up. I could simply let the ball coast by leaving the bat on my shoulder. Only two outcomes are possible. The pitch might float outside giving me another chance or it might fly straight in the zone giving me the infamous third strike, and I didn’t try.

Should I swing? If I did make contact I’ll receive a hero’s welcome. What if the ball fell short into an outfielder’s glove? If I miss, at least I gave it a shot. Still the same outcome if I let that ball of leather go past, but I did try, against all odds. At least football is more of team sport.


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