Sunday, December 26, 2004

Haunted Dreams

I wanted to experience a joyous holiday but loneliness was my only friend. My expectations of visits by friends and family bearing gifts fell into a dark abyss. For some strange reason I have no memory of family or friends. It’s like I am just here, out of nowhere.

I did have a visit from a strange dream last night. Sad that one’s only friend is a nightmare.

In this dream I envisioned a mysterious man that held a gold pen. As he wrote with this pen I saw other people appear. Although I never met theses people I recognized their names, Travis and Zach. Travis seemed peaceful in nature while Zach is a dark figure of a man to be feared. I saw Zach as future trouble.

As I watched the man write I noticed a name tag upon the desk where he sat. I drew closer to read but the name blurred into two letters, D. R. The man looked up and stared at me with his dark eyes. He wrote a few words and my body disappeared. Then I awoke to the sound of birds singing a morning song.

My hope is this dream never visits me again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dreams don't mean much. They seem to me to be nothing more than bookkeeping, a straightening of the covers and a plumping of the pillows at best.
What effects me is that you waited for a miracle - for friends and family, and no miracle came.
I doubt if you are a bad person. A bad person wouldn't write of such things. I think we all deserve miracles. We all deserve hope and to see hope fulfilled.
I'm sorry that you got a raw deal.

December 26, 2004 at 11:31 AM  

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