Friday, December 03, 2004

Daily Musings

Saturday morning arrives with a vengeance. The ground is cold and thick fog rolls across the lake. Coffee brews and the first morning cigarette lays, smoking, in a ceramic ashtray. The computer is booted up and my fingers scroll the words across the screen.

Very little is on today's agenda. A few chores need attention and a bill needs payment. Another day in this sleepy small town. Someone knocks on the front door.

The police arrived with two squad cars. They must have the wrong house or is it donations to the youth fund they are looking for? It couldn't be the bodies that lie on the bottom of the Trinity River. That was many years ago and much concrete and chicken wire was used. Play it cool.

The last cruiser leaves my driveway. Seems some punk kids are painting up road signs and various buildings. I'll keep my eyes open.

I pour some coffee and light another cigarette. Life is good.


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