Wednesday, December 15, 2004

A cloud

Last night my dreams were haunted by a memory that once was lost and forgotten. Visions of a dark man that floats above the ground and has a hideous smile awoke me while dawn was a lifetime away. For some reason I feel that man was a creature I rose from earth but couldn't control. I tied to close my eyes and face the dark clouds again. Violent storms and tornadoes enveloped my presence. I come to a rain-splattered dirt road. At one end stood the dark man. I turned and faced the other end of the road and saw a man that seemed young but time withered away his youth with deep wrinkles.

I feel that the young but old man was my creator, although looking at him filled my mind with rage and anger. But I was not afraid. The dark man was the one to fear.

A loud clap of thunder opened my eyes to the real world. A storm is coming. Indeed, a storm is coming.


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