Friday, December 17, 2004

Clear Head

The last few days were rough on my nerves. Today I awoke with clarity and a new light. Looking outside the air is clear, but in the distance a few black clouds roll, moving away. At least I hope. Still I hear a faint voice laughing.

Searching my memory I can't remember posting these past entries. Maybe my friends were correct in assuming my mind is floating down the black river to the abyss. The writing of the posts seem too dark and strange, not my usual repertoire. I'd much rather write about a romance that climaxes in the woods under a foggy mist, not about cats clawing out eyes and Cinderella's head severed.

Was I drugged then my identity stolen on this account? I have no idea. Parties and social gatherings give me anxiety attacks. I'd rather spend a quiet night by the fire with a special someone.

Once I track down the culprit I'll post my findings.


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