Monday, November 29, 2004


I don't think this blogsite has the capabilities to post a poll, although I may have missed that feature.

Thinking over the long weekend, between leftover meals, my curiosity was sparked by viewing a couple of book sites. Looking at the bestseller lists I wondered if that was a true indication on what people are reading.

What types of stories or books do you prefer? Do you like hardbound books or is the e-book craze something you find more enjoyable? I would like to know your input. Leave a comment and we can discuss.

For me I prefer reading fiction in the horror or dark genre. I'll occasionally read mainstream fiction if the storyline is catching. I prefer my books in hardbound form. Reading 300 pages on the computer tires my eyes. Plus, I can't drag my PC around everywhere. Electronic devices like laptops and PDAs can, and usually do, fail. With a hardbound book I can carry it anywhere and when I open it I know the words will appear.

What are your thoughts?


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